Sell Your Art

Sell Your Art

We make it easy for you to display and sell your art on our website!

Showcase your art on our website for the world to view! We handle creating the web pages for your work - just email us the photos and details. When a buyer buys, we'll notify you via email and/or phone where to ship and pay you the price minus our commission of only 10%!
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  • Artist must be a member of New Art Perspectives.
  • Images must be no larger than 800 pixels in either direction.
  • All art is monitored and inappropriate images will not be accepted.
  • Art can be displayed only and not for sale if you want. Specify NOT FOR SALE in pricing details.
  • Artist provides name of artist, title of work (or "untitled").
  • Optional: Artists provides a 100-words or less biography.
  • Artist can change out what is displayed (image, product, price, etc.) at anytime by emailing us. Expect up to 5 days for us to make the changes online.
  • Artist provides full details of the work to be shipped - framed and/or matted, base material (e.g. canvas, watercolor paper, photo paper, etc.) actual cost to buyer, shipping cost in addition to buyer
  • New Art Perspectives will take 10% of the actual cost (not counting shipping cost) and reimburse artist 80% of actual cost.
  • Payments to artist will be either through Google checkout or PayPal. Any fees applied by Google or Paypal is the responsibility of the artist and not New Art Perspectives.
  • Artist agrees to all of the Terms and Conditions for use of this website.
  • Artist agrees to ship art within 21 calendar days of receiving the order.
  • Artist is responsible for confirming delivery of their work (e.g. courier tracking confirmation)
  • Artist agrees to notify New Art Perspectives when the art was shipped.
  • Artist agrees to accept returns within 16 days of the buyer receiving the art work.
  • New Art Perspectives will pay the artist 30 days after art is confirmed to have been shipped to the buyer.
  • Links to websites are not allowed in this gallery. Links to websites can be done through advertising options. Contact New Art Perspectives for more details and pricing structures.
  • New Art Perspectives reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time for any reason.

Example Our first client is Luke Scanlon. You can view his exhibit here.

The top 3 winners in each contest we hold have the option to sell their winning work for free for up to 6 months.

Pricing is based on a monthly charge via PayPal. You can cancel at any time. Once a work is sold, it will be marked as such and the following month removed from the website and monthly charge modified.

# WorksMonthly
1 $2
2 $3
3 $4
4, 5, or 6 $5
7, 8, 9, or 10 $7
11 - 15 $8
16 - 20 $10
21 - 30 $13
31 - 40 $15
41+ contact us

Email us:


  • Your Name as you want it to appear
  • Location (where you will ship from)
  • Optional: 100 words or less biography

For each image, provide:

  • The image in .jpg or .gif or .png format with 800 pixels max in either direction
  • Title for the image or "untitled"
  • Base material (canvas, watercolor paper, print, photo paper, etc.)
  • Medium(s) used
  • Exact dimensions width, height and if necessary, depth including frame if framed.
  • If a print, is it numbered, and if so, which number out of how many?
  • Is it signed by the artist?
  • Actual price (or NOT FOR SALE)
  • Shipping cost - flat rate for US (International will be determined later)
  • Are you willing to ship internationally or only USA or only USA/Canada?
We will verify your submission and set up a PayPal for you to subscribe to for payments.
If you are a contest winner and would like to only provide the image(s) of the works that won in the top 3, please mention this in your email (there is no charge for a 6 month display).


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