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So who am I? To answer that question I first have to identify who I am not.
I'm not a man whose creativity thrives off of others. I'm not my ethnicity first and a man second.
I gauge myself, creative power, and what it produces by the ultimate measuring gauge and judge; Time.
Your work must speak to all races and social classes in order to echo effortlessly through time.
I believe my work accomplishes this, and is nourished and fed off of this very need to survive.
My pen name is Belozro. Because compared to time, I'm less than nothing.
My work must be loved and inspire for generations.
It has to stand on its own without me there to speak for it.
It must live on.
Because my presence in this world will not.
So who am I? I'm a man striving to be remembered with love for what I've left behind.




The Paisley Player

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